Egyptian film star Mena Massoud visits the Pyramids

Egyptian film star Mena Massoud visits the Pyramids

Accompanied by Egypt’s Ministers of Tourism and Antiquities and Emigration, Egyptian-Canadian film star Mena Massoud visited the Pyramids and the Sphinx this week during his visit to Egypt.

Massoud, star of the famous Disney movie “Aladdin”, landed in Cairo last week in preparation to film his first Egyptian movie “Fi Ezz Eddohr” (In Broad Light), written by Karim Sorour and directed by Mark Adel.

The actor was pleased with his visit, stating that he considers Egypt as one of the greatest countries in the world.

At the Pyramids, Massoud listened intently to a full explanation of their history, as well as the memorial painting that Pharaoh Thutmose IV ordered to place between the two hands of the Great Sphinx in Giza, in memory of a dream that the Pharaoh had before he ascended the throne of Egypt in 1401 BC.

Both ministers expressed their excitement and appreciation for Massoud’s visit to historical sites around Egypt, thanking him for his promotion of tourism in the country.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled El-Anany said, “We are proud of successful Egyptians abroad, and we are always happy with their achievements.”

He added that Massoud is “one of those Egyptians who is proud of his homeland, Egypt.” The minister expressed his happiness that Massoud wants to learn more about Egypt’s civilization and its history.

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Emigration, remarked that Massoud is always willing to serve Egypt, and that he was the first ambassador for the presidential initiative “Speak Egyptian”, which aims to preserve the Egyptian national identity. Massoud created a video clip for the initiative in which he urged young Egyptians abroad to speak Arabic and preserve the Egyptian accent.

Markram thanked Massoud for his enthusiasm towards his homeland Egypt and his constant pride in his nationality and his identity.

During the visit, Massoud expressed his pride in his Egyptian heritage and its ancient civilization.

He added that he still has the same feelings of admiration for what he described as an “engineering miracle.”


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Mena Massoud to Star in First Egyptian Film “Fi Ez El Dahr”

Mena Massoud to Star in First Egyptian Film “Fi Ez El Dahr”

Mena is expected to arrive in Egypt in January to begin filming of his first Egyptian film Fi Ez El Dahr

The producing company has contracted with several celebrities including, Mahmoud Hegazy, Mohamed Ezz, and Mohamed Ali Rizk, and is scheduled to contract with two actresses in the coming period.

The film is a triller-suspense genre and sees Massoud as the head of an international gang that commits many crimes around the world, who gets involved in a romantic relationship.

Fi Ez El Dahr also director Markos Adel, first directional debut in a film as well as the writing debut of actor Karim Sorour, who is starred in several works, the latest is TV series “Cairo-Kabul”, which is scheduled to be screened in Ramadan 2021.

Photos: Ocean Rebel x Mena Massoud

Photos: Ocean Rebel x Mena Massoud

As you may know, Mena has collaborated with Ocean Rebel to create a clothing line. I have added advertisements and outtakes for the line into the gallery and the below video ad, along with a link to the site on the sidebar!

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Video: Making Bamya on Home & Family

“Aladdin” star and author of “Evolving Vegan,” Mena Massoud is back in Home & Family’s kitchen making us a plant-based middle eastern favorite called Bamya. Click here for the recipe!

Mena Massoud’s ‘Evolving Vegan’ is a cookbook, travel guide and family homage

Mena Massoud’s ‘Evolving Vegan’ is a cookbook, travel guide and family homage

TORONTO — As immigrants from Egypt, “Aladdin” star Mena Massoud’s parents worked hard to establish themselves in any job they could get when they first moved the family to Markham, Ont.

His father, a satellite engineer in Cairo, first delivered pizzas in their new home city, then worked in a VHS factory and eventually managed a refurbishment centre for Rogers. His mother worked in a coffee shop.

They put in long hours on the job but when they got home, the whole family came together to relax in the kitchen and savour the aroma of his mom’s dishes: the fried onions and tomato sauce in her koshari; the cabbage of her mahashi; the eggplant in the moussaka.

“Our life at home very much revolved around food, and very much revolved around cooking,” Massoud said in an interview.

“My mom also had people over often. She was known to be one of the best cooks in our Egyptian community. So I really learned a lot from her just watching her.”

Massoud pays homage to his mother with his new cookbook, “Evolving Vegan” (Tiller Press), which has some of her traditional Egyptian, meat-free recipes as well as some of his own dishes from his plant-based diet he started in 2015.

Stemming from his Evolving Vegan company he founded in 2018, the book also has bits about his life and recipes inspired by plant-based restaurants in more than 10 cities he’s visited, including Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland and New York.

“I wanted to show people that no matter where you travel in North America, or really the world, you can find plant-based options,” said Massoud, who also plans to create and host a travel food series stemming from “Evolving Vegan,” through his Press Play Productions.

Read the rest of the interview at the Times Colonist website!

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