Character: Bretten Thomason

Directed by: Matt Pochwat, Allan Rajadurai, Arujan Ravindran

Written by: Alley Wilson

Produced by: Matt Pochwat, Alley Wilson

Cast Members: Tyler Metcalf, Conway Gaskin, Yasmin Neale, Romaine Waite, Nicole Proctor, Lena Maripuu, Ayinde Blake

Genre: Drama

Three friends experience pain, success, failure, love and anything else life decides to throw at them.

Episode Guide

1.01Meet the Family
aired July 12, 2011

1.02Meet Connor
aired July 19, 2011

1.03Meet Kyler
aired July 26, 2011

1.04Jaken’s Perspective
aired August 2, 2011

1.05Connor’s Perspective
aired August 9, 2011

1.06Ky’s Perspective
aired August 16, 2011

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