Cut to the Chase

Character: Jason

Created by: Evan Bellam, Owen Roth

Directed by: Evan Bellam, Owen Roth

Written by: Evan Bellam, Devin Knowles, Owen Roth

Produced by: Owen Roth

Cast Members: Owen Roth, Christina Aceto

Released date: January 15, 2012

Genre: Comedy

Cut to the Chase follows the life of Chase Fountaine, a struggling filmmaker, and his self-destructive rivalry with his ex-best friend Josh Wood. With the help of his sidekick Jason, Chase desperately initiates a self-made web-series meant to chronicle his triumph.

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Episode Guide

1.01The Pilot
aired January 15, 2012

As his best friend and roommate, Josh Wood, moves out to pursue a solo career, filmmaker Chase Fountaine desperately initiates a web-series meant to chronicle his triumph.

1.02The Sidekick
aired January 22, 2012

Chase spends all his money on a new, specialized intro sequence and hires a film student named Jason to help shoot his video blog. Meanwhile, a YouTube promo for Josh’s new film becomes an Internet sensation.

1.03The Number
aired January 29, 2012

Chase focuses on writing his space opera and providing more sensual content for his loyal viewers, while trying to find a suitable new roommate to help pay the rent.

1.04The Producer
aired February 5, 2012

Chase finally meets with a producer interested in helping him, but his neurotic behaviour gets in the way.

1.05The Professor
aired March 26, 2012

Chase gets more than he bargained for when seeking advice from his old film professor.

1.06The Audition
aired April 9, 2012

Chase learns of a casting session being held for Josh’s new film, and decides to do some reconnaissance.

1.07The Investor
aired April 23, 2012

Chase meets with a shady investor interested in financing his space opera. Meanwhile Natalie becomes upset after viewing a previous episode.

1.08An Evening with Josh Wood
aired December 3, 2012

Chase confronts his arch-nemesis Josh Wood.