Mena Massoud’s Vegan Food Looks Delicious

The Aladdin star has an eye for a plant-based meal
Mena Massoud is a vegan, and although, thankfully, it’s not the first thing he’ll tell you about himself, he has written a book on the subject.

The Evolving Vegan is Massoud’s tribute to vegan culture, and sees him travel around America to meet the country’s best vegan chefs and try their dishes.

“Our mission is simple”, says the Evolving Food website. “It’s not about labels, it’s not about being a ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’ or ‘omnivore’ – it’s about evolving. For the good of our fellow species, our planet and our health, we need to continue to evolve vegan.”

Massoud is an all round excellent human being. For the star of one of 2019’s highest grossing movies (Disney’s Aladdin), he’s still reassuringly unaffected. He’s a great sport, both literally and metaphorically (see him put through his paces with our pushy questions challenge) and his views on veganism are similarly grounded.

“Vegans do what they do, most them, because they care,” said Massoud. “They care about you, the care about the planer, the care about the animals, and it’s never a malicious thing or a pretentious thing, it’s more like, we’re trying to be better.

That he wants to help make the planet a better place to live is just another reason to like him. Currently in the middle of a book tour in North America, Evolving Vegan’s Instagram page is a treasure trove of delicious looking vegan meals. The sort of food that makes you hungry to look at.

Vegan naysayers be gone. There’s not a lettuce leaf burger-bun in sight. Instead, Massoud’s vegan curation is making us seriously consider adopting a plant-based diet.